The Insight Days – Percussion are an idea, which has grown already a long time. It continuously arose from the experiences Francesca Santangelo and Ben Kunstleben, meantime the husband of Francesca Santangelo, made together in the past ten years.

The experiences of both beeing part of the ITALY PAS organisation, the work of Francesca in various international juries, the traveling together to many festivals, holding masterclasses, seeing so different and enriching ideas of percussion, talking and working with so many international artist came together – brought up the wish of Francesca Santangelo and Ben Kunstleben to organize an intensive event, which offers the participants a profound insight.

This event, the insight days, where the faculty works with a small group for longer than “just” a masterclass, is the first edition. So there is going to be the chance of offering enduring inspirational insights. The participants have the possibility to bring their repertoire with them and work on their individual aspects with the invited artists as well as they may profit from the presence of all artists at the event.

Inspiration is not a one way road.

Now we change the writers perspective: That´s why we are so happy, that Anders
Ã…strand accepted the invitation for this years event. He really shares the ideas we have and brings also his amazing percussion ensemble composition with him, which adds a special quality to the seminar.

So, you are very welcome to join the first – Insight Days – Percussion!

Sincerly yours

Francesca Santangelo & Ben Kunstleben